Man from the portal


Race: Human

Class: Psion


Not much is currently known about him. As the portal under the Shadowfell Keep was destroyed by the death angel sent by the Raven Queen with the righteous sacrifice of Rin. During the destruction of the portal magical items were produced to assist the adventuring party in their future quest. Unexpectedly among the produced items was Sckiz.

Suffering from a sense of amnesia Schiz is now trying to determine what is real and what is not. He remembers from long ago he lived with a group of monks practicing the psionic arts. Then one day he was captured, yet his prison was an illusion. Next thing he knows he is laying naked in on a cold dungeon floor covered in blood.

The adventuring party attempts to explain to him what is going on. Disoriented yet feeling a sense of trust and comfort toward the party he decided to join them.


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