Shaman from the unknown artic


Growing up in the land of traveling tribes on an arctic continent Aerith learned what it meant to survive. As a young girl she showed promise to become the next shaman of the Yupik tribe. Like the shamans before her when she reached the age of maturity she was sent off into the arctic wild on her own to find her spirit companion.

One day during her search she came across a vicious yeti. The yeti backed Aerith to the edge of a cliff. Trying to dodge the yeti’s swiping claws Aerith placed too much weight on the icy edge. Immediately the end broke off sending Aerith plummeting onto floating piece of ice knocking her unconscious. As Aerith began to slip into a comma she felt her spirit still wandering in search of its companion. The tide began to wash the floating piece of ice out to sea.

She laid there for days as the mass floated further south. Slowly the sun began to melt away the piece of ice. Aerith still searched in her comatose state for her companion. One day during her search she spotted a large form walking towards her then a flush of freezing wetness came over her as she woke up from her coma only to realize that she was under water. She felt something lift her up above the water and propel her forward. She looked down only to notice the form below her was the same animal from her “dream” it was a polar bear.

After a day of riding the polar bear through the water Aerith spotted a ship in the distance heading her direction. At that moment the polar bear disappeared. Eventually the ship spotted Aerith swimming in the water and pulled up next to her. They threw out a rope and brought her aboard.

Captain Clegg asked Aerith what she was doing and where she had came from. Aerith explained that she had fallen off a cliff from the arctic lands and woke up in the water, but had no clue how long she was at sea or what direction considering she had never been on the ocean before. Captain Clegg knew of the arctic land to the north but explained that their ship had neither the supplies or that ability to make that journey. He did agree to take her back to the docks of Calimport where she could work for him until she had the money to pay for such a journey to the arctic lands. Not know any other way to get back home Aerith agreed. Aerith worked the docks of Calimport for 3 years trying to save up enough money for the trip back. In the little free time she had she always searched for that polar bear but was never able to find him. One day while working the docks was raided by the city guard. It was found that Captain Clegg was involved in a pirate ring and were all to be arrested. Aerith was only sentenced to exile on the charge of consorting with pirates. Many of the others more actively involved imprisoned or hung.

Jobless and forced on the open road Aerith had much more time to search for the polar bear spirit that saved her live those years ago. Overtime she found it once again and has made a strong bond with it. With her new spirit companion Aerith travels the open road in search for a way to return to her people.


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