The Shadow of Orcus

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Summary of events so far:

The adventuring party set out to the town of Winterhaven in search for a their friend and mentor Douven Staul. On the way there they were ambushed by a group of kobolds. On the kolbold wyrmpriest they found a symbol of Orcus.

Upon arrival at Winterhaven they found out about the rumored Dragon Burial Site to the north of town, in which Eilian the Old said Douven was looking for. They were also asked by Lord Padraig to take care of the kolbold problem the town has be having.

They went to the dragon burial site and after battling some drakes and Halflings they found Douven. One of the Halflings said that he was working for an evil priest named Kalarel (who also was a follower of orcus).

After rescuing their friend they set off to a rumored area of where the kobold gang hideout was. There they killed of the koldbolds and their goblin leader Irontooth. They found a letter in Irontooth’s pocket that Ninaran was a spy for Kalarel.

They headed back to Winterhaven to locate Ninaran. He had not been seen by any of the villages since the party had arrived.

Then Lord Padraig asked the villagers to investigate the nearby Shadowfell Keep due to the darkness that be seemed to emanating from the area.

The party went to the keep and explored the first level. Upon coming back to town they were told that zombies/skeletons were attacking the town. The party went to the graveyard to investigate and there they saw Naomi fighting Ninaran and a group of skeletons.

The party assisted Naomi in defeating Ninaran. After Namoi agreed to join the party.

Party went out to the keep again and explored the second level. In a battle against some of Kalarels followers three more adventurers named Cass, Bree, Tifa joined the fright. After the followers were defeated the adventures explained to the new members that Kalarel is trying to open a portal to the Shadowfell and destroy the world.

They all jumped down into the final chamber of the dungeon. Below they fought Kalarel as he was in the middle of the ceremony to open the portal. A large creature from behind the portal grabbed Alek and Shmoo-Shmoo to what is believed to be their death. After defeating Kalarel the portal creature reached out and ripped Kalarel to pieces.

After the party won the battle they went back to Winterhaven to enjoy a peaceful nights rest. In the middle of their sleep they saw the head of Orcus and he spoke to them saying “You have only delayed the inevitable, I will be free again”. After that they party members awoke to a skeletal death angel.

The death angel teleported the party back to the portal and explained he was a messanger of the Raven Queen. He said that in oreder to truely close the portal and prevent Orcus from escaping one of them would ahve to sacafice themselves. Rin honorably accepted to be the one.

With the magic from the death angle and Rin’s sacrifice the portal was destroyed, but in that burst of magic Sckiz. The death angel explained that the Raven Queen has chosen all of them to find the remaining three portals an destroy them.

The next day the adventure party acquires the old mule El Salvador and head northwest to the next portal.

On thier travel the assist a woman get her tools back from a gnoll that raided and broke her carriage. She then takes them to the nearby town of Naga.


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